welcome to my crib

this must be the place…. jk this is my website, full of spot-on, amazing, one of a kind incredible content from a matcha latte-loving, harry styles aficionado who’s disturbing life goal is become em*ly in p*ris. ok, but seriously, welcome to my content portfolio, go ahead be the judge. i’m sporadic, you were warned

In all seriousness, my name is Addie and I am a graduate of Colgate University, pursuing my passion of digital content creation. In college, I wrote articles on campus fashion trends, local restaurants, food listicles and travel destinations for publications such as Spoon University, Her Campus and College Candy. My interests in life are my passions and I look forward to sharing my work here on this site.

~current location pin~ NYC

xoxo Dan Humphrey (secret’s out)

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