Restaurant Review-“Coconut Thai”- Edina, MN

Here it is, my first restaurant review!FullSizeRender-17.jpg

Tucked behind other popular 50th and France establishments is the newly founded “Coconut Thai”.  Chef Nong, being influenced by thai cuisine her whole life, wanted to finally open her own spot and share the joys Thailand with the Minneapolis metro region.  With years of experience behind her, chief Nong infuses”Coconut Thai” with a refreshing take on traditional thai plates in a casual and cool setting.

The atmosphere is perfect for a pleasant lunch or a quick night out with family.  Nothing too fancy yet refined and classy at the same time.

The food itself is great.  I would recommend getting multiple appetizers to share since there are so many choices to chose from.  Try the spring roles or the chicken satay.  On the sweeter side, the cream cheese wontons and the curry puffs are perfect indulgences for a craving sweet tooth.  Most of the appetizers cFullSizeRender-1.jpgome with various dipping sauces that fabulously go with the food.  As for the main dishes, they are huge.  Expect to share or take home.  Fortunately, many of the entries serve as great leftovers and can be easily transported to work or school the next day.  Entries are split into different categories with different variations of a classic dish.  For example, they is a category for curry, stir fry and fried rice. Each come in different unique flavors.  I enjoyed FullSizeRender-18.jpgthe pineapple fried rice which was a delicious mix of sweet and salty.  The funky hallowed out pineapple bowl made the dish delightful and contributed to the fabulous presentation.

As for the service, you could tell that they were new.  It took a while for a waiter to come over and get us water and when the order came, it came all at once.  We were left with a ton of food in front of us at a small overwhelmed table.  Also, they were out of some of their drink products including a Thai juice that I wanted to try.  However, the staff were friendly and the food didn’t take too long which is promising for a new restaurant.  I’m sure that once they become more established, they will be able to overcome the flaws that I experienced.

Overall, I would highly recommend “Coconut Thai” if you are looking for good and innovative thai food or just want to try something new.  I was surprised to see how busy it was on a Tuesday night and I hope that they continue to experience that kind of success once they are ingrained in the 50th and France restaurant scene.  I know that I will for sure pay them another visit.

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