Patrick’s Bakery- classic cafe in Edina, MN

Driving into the parking lot at an unassuming suburban strip mall, one doesn’t expect to find a quaint french cafe.  However, Patrick’s Bakery is all but what you’d think.  It has plenty of traditional french options, as well as more original ones.  Wether, you eat in or take-out (my favorite), you are in for a treat.  Not only is the food fabulous, but the deserts and pastries are just as, if not more, appetizing.

Patrick’s is a great place for a quick lunch and take out is super easy.  I highly recommend the quiches, especially the quiche Lorraine which is cooked to a perfect creamy consistency.  The tomato mozzarella sandwich is also great, thanks to the exceptional olive bread used, and you can’t go wrong with the traditional Croque Monsieur.


The alluring desert case is filled with mouth watering delicacies displayed beautifully when you walk into Patrick’s.  


The Croque Monsieur is very traditional but very good.  Every entry comes with a salad on the side.  The dressing is really delicious.  


The tomato mozzarella sandwich along with a French Limonade, a soda made with different kinds of syrup.  This one here is raspberry.  


A desert called an Abracadabra which is a sort of raspberry lemon tart with a mouse on top.  I find that the presentation is fabulous.  


A tri-chocolate cake consisting of milk, dark and white mouse layered with cake and covered in a hard layer of milk chocolate.  This is another great and unique desert.  

Patrick’s Bakery:

Southdale Square
2928 West 66th Street Edina, Minnesota


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