Where to eat in Minneapolis-Smack Shack

Nestled in the heart of the warehouse district, Smack Shack tries to transport you to a typical american coastal seafood joint even if the patio is shadowed by fellow old warehouses and tall apartment buildings.  Not only does it work but it goes beyond offering great food.  You might as well be eating a lobster roll right of the eastern shore.   The patio is great and fairly casual but the interior is modern, smart and fun, a far cry from what you’d expect from a place that sells divine fried chicken.  That’s just the thing.  You can enjoy great comfort food and guilty pleasures along side gourmet delicacy in a fun and sleek atmosphere.

To give you a taste of the range of the menu, I ordered lobster mac and cheese with all its creamy goodness along with a selection of raw oysters.  It was quite the combo but it worked and I enjoyed it to the last bite.  There are a lot of classic seafood choices but the menu is broad and everyone is bond to fine something appealing from the raw bar and lobster rolls to the southern fried chicken platter and the catfish.  There are sandwiches and seafood entries, in addition to plenty of sides and appetizers.


A selection of fresh oysters that I chose from a vast menu that showcased oysters from both coasts.  The cocktail sauce was also a delight since it was laden with a huge glob of very fresh and strong horseradish.


The classic clam chowder and I mean classic which is the BEST way it is prepared.  I’m a bit of the sucker when it comes to clam chowder but I’m also picky on how it is prepared.  Smack Shack’s “Chowda” was fabulous since they didn’t try to spice it up or anything.  If you like a good clam chowder then you will like this one.  I also put in some Old Bay seasoning which is pretty much my favorite seasoning ever.  It’s great stuff!


The lobster roll is a signature of Smack Shack with multiple different kinds and preparations.  I was told that the classic  roll was a really good choice and tasted how a lobster roll should taste.


The blackened cat fish is prepared with grilled potatoes, a loosely fried egg and béarnaise sauce which sounds like a strange combination but the mixing of unique flavors really blended well.  The fish itself was cooked perfectly and had plenty of flavor.


The lobster mac was extremely creamy and delicious at the same time.  It can be ordered in a cup or bowl with the cup being the perfect portion if you want to order something else like me.


The southern fried chicken entry with coleslaw and fries.  Enough said…

Overall, my experience at Smack Shack was exceptional.  Great food, a great atmosphere and something for everyone describes the newly opened North Loop joint.  Who knew that you could feel like you’re on the beach in the middle of Minneapolis!

Website: http://www.smack-shack.com

Address: 603 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

There is also a location in Chicago and one coming soon to the airport in Minneapolis.

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