Minnesota State Fair – What to eat and what to do

“The Great Minnesota Get Together” really is great in a strange quirky way.  There really isn’t everything quite like it.  From the crowds and the cheesy attractions to the stands laden with fried food on a stick and the portable carnival rides, the fair is truly one of a kind.  With so much to do, it is hard to pick and choose, but if you’re only planning on going once, make sure you make the most out of your time.  Know what food you what ahead of time since the lines are usually pretty long.

After many years of trying so many different foods, I’ve complied a list of all the foods that I will potentially eat.  There are fair classics and there are obscure novelties that can’t be found anywhere else.

Food to eat at the State Fair:

-Tom Thumb mini donuts: You can’t go wrong with a classic

-A malt or soft served ice cream from the dairy building:  Super creamy and fresh.  My favorite is the strawberry rhubarb malt.  It’s like a la mode pie.


The dairy building

-Fried olives on a stick:  Herb breaded olives stuffed with cream cheese and fried to a crispy perfection.  Sold at the Fried Fruit stand.

-Fried Fruit on a stick:  The same stand.  This treat is similar to a pie with cooked fruit fried with a sweet batter around it.

-Pronto Pup:  Another classic that I ironically didn’t try until this year.  I think it tasted better than your typical corn dog since the batter wasn’t as dense and the dog was thinner.


Pronto Pup with Mustard

-Pickle Dog:  A pickle wrapped with cream cheese and pastrami.  It seems very simple but for some reason, it tastes so good at the fair.

-Cheese curds: Another classic and a heart attack on a plate.  However, you got to try them.

-Deep Fried Candy bars:  It sounds nasty but they are pretty amazing.  I love the milky ways and the Oreos.  Make sure you share because there is no way I could eat all of it!

-Chilled Bread pudding:  Located at the Blue Moon Diner.  You can customize how you like your bread pudding with flavors and toppings.  It’s sort of like ordering ice cream, but it’s so good!


Chilled Vanilla Bread Pudding with warm vanilla sauce and raisins.  

-All you can drink milk:  Although they raised the price, the all you can drink milk is still a great deal.  Choose plain or chocolate and keep coming back for more.  It taste pretty refreshing and offers a break from all the fried goodness.

-Root Beer from the Agriculture building: Root beer stands are everywhere, but the best is sort of a secret.  Located in the beer section of the Agriculture building, you can get both root beer and cream soda on tap for a pretty good price.  It’s all naturally brewed and is a far cry from the typical MUG stuff, but it is probably some of the best soda I’ve had.

What to do and see:

-Spend some time at the Midway:  It’s slightly sketchy, but it’s apart of the fair experience.    The rides are fun and you might as well take a shot at some of the games.


The Mighty Midway

-Animal buildings:  Choose one animal that I’d like to see or go into the coliseum and watch a horse show.  It’s an interesting culture that’s cool to see.

-The Giant Slide:  A classic and it’s actually really fun!


The top of the Giant Slide offers a cool view of the fair.  

-Exhibition buildings:  There are a lot of interesting exhibits that you can visit in the various buildings.  Cool educational opportunities too!

-Just walk around and people watch!  There are some interesting people that go to the fair.  It’s really fun to look around at everyone.

All in all, the fair will always be a great time no matter what you do but it only comes once a year so make the must out of it while you can!

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