Fall essentials #1-Plaid Tartan Skirt

Well, fall is pretty much here.  It’s strange, but only in the last few days have I noticed it.  The temperature is dropping, the leaves of starting to turn color and school is back in full swing.  While not all of these fall characteristics are necessarily positive, they come on the heels of a hot and smeltery summer (at least in Minnesota) meaning that I can’t wait to adorn an oversized sweater and tall boots again.  I apologize that I haven’t written frequently recently.  School has started and it seems as though I’m already being drowned in homework.  I’m going to try to write as much as a I can, but some weeks it might be hard.

As for this post, I want to continue with the wardrobe essentials series and bring it into the fall season.  I’ll write three over the course of the three fall months as I did with summer.  To start off, I wanted to showcase an item that I didn’t realize its full worth until after having bought it slightly impulsively.  I find that my plaid tartan skirt is extremely versatile and truly gives an outfit a classic look.  It might seem a little school girlish, but with a right accessories and shirt, one can look really sophisticated in it.  Also, it’s great for fall with the color scheme and material, in addition to the holiday season where tartan is everywhere in fashion.



By pairing the skirt with a bulky shirt, the look is unconventional yet modern.  It can make a statement.  


Patterns on patterns!  It’s different but I don’t think that it is too busy.  A lot of people have been doing this lately, but make sure you have minimal accessories.  


This is a very classic fall look, but it’s great for the start of the chilly weather. I’m wearing navy turtle neck sweater with the skirt and a fun vintage necklace.  

The skirt is from Vineyard Vines along with the sweater and the checkered shirt.  The shoes are AGL flats and the shirt is from Zara.




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