Minneapolis Food-Glam Doll Donuts

Gourmet donuts have become really popular recently.  We Americans have always loved a good donut with coffee on a Sunday morning but our obsession and demand has grown.  We now crave more than just an old-fashioned glazed from the grocery store.  We want the over the top, the obscure and the finest.  When I find myself at a donut shop, I tend to look for the most outrageous, the one that I can’t get anywhere else.

A little bit ago, I caught word of a newer donut shop right in the heart of Minneapolis.  People had been instagraming pictures of neon bright beautifully designed donuts from Glam Doll, so I figured I had to try it out.


The fun exterior or Glam Doll.

I came on a Saturday morning and joined the line that curved down the street.  That had to mean it was good.  After waiting, I got to the counter and ordered 2 donuts out of the dozens of unique kinds from the display case.  The display case itself is quite impressive since it is beautifully laid out and eye catching.  I ordered a lemon creme cheese cruller and a blackberry filled parmesan cheese cake donut.  My friend got a plain frosted one which she described as amazing.

They really were well worth the wait.  The cruller literally melted in my month and I was obsessed with the frosting that came on top of it.  The blackberry one was maybe a little too rich, but I really enjoyed it being paired with parmesan cheese making the donut one of a kind.  They also have some interesting savory donuts such a Sriracha donut and beer blended donut.


My beautiful breakfast at glam doll!

The shop is super cute with fun little decorations and a pink color scheme.  The sitting area is surprisingly quiet which allows you to relax while eating.  They also have a coffee shop like area with all sorts of coffee and tea to enjoy the donuts with, making the experience complete.

I highly recommend venturing to uptown on a weekend morning to discover fabulous donuts in a great environment.  It all makes for a great outing.

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Food-Glam Doll Donuts

  1. Kelly says:

    Next time youre’re there, try the apple fritter. They throw a splash of bourbon in it. So delish!

    Wander down to Milkjam Creamery and get a Jam Bun which is essentially an ice cream sandwich but made with Glam Doll donuts. Yum!!!


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