September Style Guide-Back to School

I know that it’s a little late in the month, but frankly, I didn’t realize that October is in few days until today when I checked my calendar.  I hope that this isn’t too late as it is still the month of September.  School may have been back in session for a while, but it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Fall fashion is a blessing and a curse.  There are so many great fall styles, but I’m constantly taking risks since I don’t know how the weather will play out.  When I leave the house at 7 am, it is 45 degrees and when I walk out of school at 3, it’s 70 degrees.  Weather just cannot ever make up its mind in Minnesota.

That being said, I kind of just wear whatever and bring along a jacket.  Somedays I can get away with summer clothes which I’m going to take advantage of for the time being.  Come October, I’ll dress in full-fledged fall apparel.


Tweed is a perfect material for a skirt in the fall.  It’s thicker looking but still really comfortable.  I love this one since it’s rainbow tweed and has cute little pockets.  Skirt: J. Crew, Shirt: Topshop, Necklace: Anthropology, Shoes: AGL


I love this outfit since it’s simple and unique at the same time.  The shirt and shorts are monochromatic as they are white with golden thread.  The jacket doubles as a rain jacket and offers a pop of color.  Shirt and Shorts: J Crew, shoes: Sperry, jacket: Nordstrom’s.  


Yes, I know that this dress seems really summery, but the fabric isn’t that light and who really wants to let go of summer.  Dress: J Crew, sandals: Jack Rogers

I’ve realized that most the clothes are from J Crew.  That wasn’t on purpose, but I guess that they are really good at season transitioning fashion!

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