Fall Essentials #2-The perfect puffy vest

I have a bit of an obsession with vests.  Maybe it’s their ability to make a simple outfit look chic.  Or that they can layer jackets and sweaters at the same.  Or, most importantly in Minnesota, the fact that they manage to keep you warm in breezy weather without making you feel like a suffocating marshmallow.  In other words, a vest seems to serve as the perfect fall “jacket” so to say and it can close that daunting gap of “What do I wear when it isn’t above 65 degrees 0r below 40 outside”.

These days, I seem to throw on a vest almost daily which I know gets repetitive, but I just can’t think of anything more perfect to wear this time of year.  I own multiple vests in different colors and it’s easy to mix and match with both sweaters and bottom-ups.  My favorite vest is the Excursion Vest from J Crew.  They are very well insulated and the addition of gold snaps and zippers make for a nice extra touch.  The colors range from very classic and neutral to bright and fun, allowing for a pop of color in these dull and grey months ahead.  They also have a corduroy lined version available for a more outdoorsy look.  I also have a Ralph Lauren one which I bought specially for a golf tournament.  It is a stylish sporting vest that is a lot thiner than the J Crew ones.  The thinness is a bonus, but I do not believe it is as warm.


My personal favorite, a navy and white checkered J Crew vest.  Perfect to wear over solid colors.  




My classic cream colored J Crew vest.  This one is great since it goes with anything.  



A simple all white one!

This favorite vest of mine happens to be on sale online right now.  Visit https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/outerwear/puffersandvests/PRDOVR~B0109/B0109.jsp and use the promo code!


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