Seasonal treads- Winter

I’ve decided to try something new.  Instead of focusing on random clothes that I like every month, I’m going to focus more on general trends in the fashion world and how haute couture houses set the example for what everyone else buys.  The goal is to have one every season.

I was recently flipping through a couple of high end fashion magazines when I started to sense my usually envious feeling of desire while gazing at the beautiful craftsmanship of the clothes being advertised, in addition to the clothes being written about.  However, one thing that I’ve learned recently, thanks to this blog and the research that I’ve done, is that everyone who cares about what they wear should be thankful each and every season for the innovative shows and campaigns put on by our favorite fanastical brands.  They are the ones that shape what we wear and ensure that there are always new styles available to try.  The clothes are beautiful, but I don’t believe that jealously is key since it is gratitude that we owe to the companies that make the clothes of our dreams.

Today, more than ever, funky, trending and fashionable clothes are readily available thanks to the development of mega fast-fashion brands.  Although the quality isn’t always there, people can have fun buying designer inspired styles at a tiny fraction of the price.  Higher end brands are much more accessible due to online shopping as deals seem to be much more frequent.  Shoppers can continuously (like me) scout out deals all over the internet.

With that being said, these posts will focus on high end trends and how they can be accessible to anyone.

This month’s issue of Vogue had a piece about different extreme sizes of handbags ranging from minuscular to giant.  Their point was that any different size bag can make a big statement to any outfit.


I love the idea of tiny bags.  They are super cute and convient when you don’t need to carry around a ton.  This one here is a Chloé bracelet bag that can double as a wristlet and a bracelet.  For more affordable small purses, I’d check out Kate Spade as they have a wide variety of colorful accessories. The sale section is very reasonable and it’s easy to find great steals.  



Here is an example of a beautiful oversized trunk purse from Gucci.  I love the floral colors as they make any outfit pop.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.13.01 AM.png

We all probably wish we had that Gucci bag, but there are plenty of other bags that are similar sizes and styles.  This is a Lodis bag from Nordstrom’s that comes in both tan and black.  Find it here: keep://



Another fabulous extreme is an oversized eccentric tote bag such as this Balenciaga.  You might not need to carry around a ton of stuff, but it can still work as a great accessory.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 5.37.12 PM.png

Here is a more reasonable alternative.  This is an Truss woven tote.  Find it here:

Pictures: Vogue February 2017, A Tale of Two Bags

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