March Style Guide-Spring Break!


It’s crazy to think how fast Spring Break is coming up.  I only realized a few days ago that I’m flying across the world in less than two weeks which is slightly frightening.  Not only does Spring Break offer a fabulous excuse to travel, but it allows for a momentary and well deserved break from bitterly cold weather of Minnesota, meaning the summer clothes get to come out!

It is often strange to sort through clothes that you’d put aside for half a year, but it is most certainly satisfy.  I find that I always want to wear the most tropical and colorful clothes that I have to truly take advantage of the wonderful sunny climate of most Spring Break destinations.  I also really try to wear the lightest dresses (when I’m not on the beach) as the last thing I want to put on a ton of clothes.  Here is some inspiration for a perfect Spring Break suitcase!


Off-the-shoulders are all the rage right now making a dress, such as this J Crew one, perfect for a tropical destination.  J Crew has them in many solid colors as well as strip ones.  They’re super simple and light which allows them to be used as a cover up, in addition to a daily sun dress.  


This bright and formal dress is from Lilly, a company that screams Spring Break.  I love the unique prints that make up the companies name.  This dress here is a tent dress that has adjustable spaghetti straps, and is made from the most refreshing material.  


I realize that this shirt looks strange on the mannequin, but I love the print.  The shirt is from J Crew and the shorts are from Lilly.  


Another more formal dress.  This one is from Vineyard Vines and I find it to be truly tropical.  Vineyard Vines has a great special Spring Break campaign that offers the perfect clothes for a vacation.  

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