November Picks

I realize that this is a little late in the month, but I have been busy with the holidays and school lately.  Anyways, with Christmas just around the corner, it is hands down the best time of year.  The hustle and bustle, the joy, and the overall craziness is something to be thankful for as we get closer to Christmas.  I have compiled a list of my usual monthly picks, along with tips for holiday shopping and deals.

What to listen to (affiliate links included):

Blake Shelton-Texoma Shore

  • The newly crowed sexiest man of the year (thank you People) has recently released an album called Texoma Shore.  With great countries songs, Blake Shelton’s keeps the album down to earth and real, something that pop/country artists seem to sometimes lack nowadays.  The hit single “I’ll Name the Dogs” is my personal favorite since it is such a great feel good love song.

Niall Horan- Flicker

  • One Direction member turned avid golf enthusiast turned solo pop artist and country collaborator, Niall Horan has done a lot recently to make a name for himself.  Back in my middle school days, I was head over heels for Niall (being a huge directioner), so I love to see how well he is doing.  It also does not surprise me how much I love her new and first solo album, Flicker.  Slow Hands is a great catchy fun tune, This Town is nice and reminiscent of a past time, and Seeing Blind is a great collaboration with Maren Morris, one of my favorite up and coming country stars.

What to watch (affiliate links included):

Made of Honor (2008)

  • This is a little known American rom com that I stumbled across on Netflix.  It is clever, very predictable (of course), hilarious, and happens to star Patrick Dempsey (Mr. McDreamy).  While the movie isn’t award worthy, it’s a great distraction to rest your mind for awhile.   Click on the photo to rent on Amazon.

A Royal Night Out (2015)

  • Another random Netflix find that happened to be fabulous.  A Royal Night Out tells the story of a young Queen Elizabeth on VE day at the end of WW2.  For anyone eagerly anticipating the return next month of The Crown (me!) and with talks of an upcoming royal wedding, this is sure to satisfy your need of British culture.  Again, a bunch of fluff, but fun!  Click on the photo to rent on Amazon.

Fashion- How to get good deals this Christmas shopping season

Alas, Black Friday has come and gone, for better or for worse.  If you are feeling like you missed out on savings for presents and a seasonal wardrobe makeover, do not fret and be glad that you avoided the unnecessary stress associated with overhyped “bargains”.  It is probably not a secret, but I rely on online shopping to find deals with an abundance of promo codes and online services that alert me on where to find something for the cheapest price. Throughout all of December, it is pretty much guaranteed that your favorite retailers will one, restock everything, and two, offer up similar (if not better) deals to those offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Here are some tips on navigating this crazy shopping time.

  1.  Avoid all malls
  • Only go to an actually store if it is a must.  Malls and shopping areas are mobbed this time of year, causing extra stress and wasting time.  Online, you will find no actual people and much better discounts.

2.   Look into getting clothes and accessories through online department stores

  • Stores such as Nordstrom and Saks are super easy to navigate online and offer great return and shipping policies, especially this time of year.  Browse the gift guides and trend alerts for easy shopping, in addition to talking advantage of their fleeting and immense sales.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.28.35 PM.png

3.    Download and use Honey

  • is this amazing program that notifies you of promo codes and discounts while shopping at stores online.  The little widget will get downloaded on to your search bar and you can use it at pretty much any store.  What is even more amazing is that by using Honey, you get reward points that you can redeem for virtual gift cards.  It rewards you for saving!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.36.14 PM.png

4.     Do not delete all of those sale notification emails

  • While they are super annoying and might seem meaningless, you never know when you might need to buy something from some random site.  When you do, it is nice to be able to go back and search for the store to see if any deals are currently going on.

5.   Sign up for ShopItToMe

  • This is another great resource that can save you a ton of money online.  Shop it to Me is an online program that sends you daily alerts of sales going on for any item of  your so-called “favorite brands”.  The best part of it is that you tell them all your sizes, so the clothes that are shown on sale are going to be in your size.  You like brands, put down your sizes, and voilà, you get notified when ever something that you might like is on sale anywhere online.  Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.39.58 PM.png
  • I hope to have provided some good tips on shopping this month.  Stay tuned for a more comprehensive guide to saving money while shopping online in the future.


Jewelry – My Go-tos, Trends, and How I Store it in my Dorm

Ahh jewelry- a girl’s much needed sparkly best friend.  It is an odd thing, jewelry; fun, while also serving as a frequent last ditch effort to spice up an outfit.  People don’t tend to have a go-to jewelry supplier like they do with clothes as it is often associated with impulse buys, and “I have no idea where I got this” kind of purchases.  However, jewelry trends are always evolving, and are frequently in our faces when we exploring seasonal vogue and the going ons in the fashion world.  While the trends are fleeting and not always worth the hassle, many pieces have the potential to remain timeless.  I personally tend to gravitate towards jewelry that will be worth the purchase, since I have all too many times boughten a piece that I never where due to it being too unique and funky.  When going about jewelry shopping, I say to myself “How many outfits would you where that with” because I have given up on pieces that really only work with one outfit.  I find that keeping it simple (think pearls and neutral colored statement necklaces) have a more powerful effect on an outfit, as they will not overshadow the holistic appeal of a look.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite jewelry pieces that I have acquired from an eclectic mix of stores.  I tend to get my larger pieces from bigger lifestyle-like brands, while smaller pieces come from a variety of random boutiques.  I find that cool jewelry can truly be found in the most random of places, you just have to look and keep your eyes open.  In addition, the typical dorm life of a college student does not always accommodate the needs of a fashion obsessed girl.  This means that storage space for necessities such as jewelry is hard to come by.  I have attached a guide to the storage solutions that have worked great for me in keeping all my stuff organized.

Nice and Neutral:  I have a strong love for pearls.  They are simple, elegant and classic, making them the perfect addition to any outfit.  In addition, small silver jewelry is always great to have when you are trying to be more subtle.  The heart studs and ring are from a Tiffany collection, a great classic brand, while the rest are boutique pieces.


Vintage Statement Earrings:  I love wearing one of these when I need to add a little something to an otherwise dull outfit, but I still want it to be subdued and not over the top.  They are fancy, but not crazy, and work well with more neutral colors.  All of these are from vintage shops or are hand me downs.


Trendy Statement Earrings:  J Crew, which I know I talk about a lot, has a great selection of higher quality statement jewelry that is very trendy and fun.  Their site has kind of become my destination for jewelry when I want to find a trend such as tassels or oversized earrings.  What is also great is that you can get a lot of it frequently on sale.  Statement jewelry is prefect for when you want to appear more fashion forward and avant-garde.


Simple Elegant Earrings:  Again, I like to wear a lot of silver because it goes with everything.  Here are examples of “statement-like” earrings that are not as colorful, yet easy to wear.  Found, once again, at small boutiques.


Statement Necklaces:  These three here are from J Crew, and go well with pretty much any sweater or plain blouse.  Sometimes, sweaters can seem a little drab, but, by adding a fun necklace, the outfit can turn into something much more chic and feminine.  Clear crystal is a great way to go, while tortoise and link designs are trends that have lasted a few seasons.

Here are some other great necklaces from anthropology that go great with everything!

I personally love fun necklaces since they are so exciting and funky!  Check out and for more.

As for storage, living in a dorm makes it a little difficult to have all of my accessories organized.  However, I manage with a couple of great displays that are both cute and practical.

I received this cute little earring holder from my FitFabFun box, and I love the ascetic.  It is from a company called Imm Living/1993 that specializes in ceramics and wire holders.  I love how it sits like a piece of art on my desk while still being extremely useful.


Hooks and Command Stripes are a given in college, but you can easily find nicer looking ones like what I have pictured to hang necklaces.  It looks must less tacky, and puts a little bit of sparkle into my room.  Find them at Target.


The Container Store is known for their storage solutions, and they do not disappoint when it comes to storing jewelry.  Hooks with dishes like this one acts as a two for one, since I can hang necklaces and bracelets while storing earrings and rings on the bottom.  The space it takes up is pretty much vertical too which makes it easy to find space for.


There you have it; my random guide to jewelry and jewelry holders.  Hopefully you find this inspiring for adding a little sparker to your wardrobe!