9​ Items that I Didn’t Think of Bringing to College

I have now somehow successfully completed my first semester of college.  The transition was not as difficult as I had imagined even though I was practically moving everything and myself across the country, but there were many things that I had not thought through before moving to college.  Packing my whole life up was a hectic process that could never in my dreams have gone perfectly.  Looking back, these are 9 items that I didn’t bring originally but realized I definitely needed later on.  Affiliate links included

1.   A sleep mask

Having a roommate is definitely one of the most challenging adjustments for new college students.  It would be almost impossible to go to bed at the exact same time as your roommate every single night, so to make those nights when you yearn for sleep easier, a sleep mask is an essential.  I never thought to get one before college, but I learned the need for one very quickly, and it has definitely helped with the adjustment.


I recommend a Slip sleeping mask since the high-quality silk prevents bags and eye wrinkles in the morning.  Click the image below to buy.

2.  A yoga mat

Working out in college isn’t that hard, but for those days where it’s pouring rain or 0 degrees outside, good luck trying to drag yourself across campus to the gym.  A yoga mat is a great way to help you exercise, relax and let off steam right from your room, in addition to being a great weapon to beat that dreaded freshman 15.

Lululemon has a great collection of cute and stylish yoga mats that can be easily stored in a dorm.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.53.39 PM

3.  Crappy shoes that I’m not in love with

Parties in frat houses or other theme houses are a great part of the college experience.  However, they are also disgusting.  The last thing you want is to ruin a cute pair of shoes by getting them soaked in a gross mix of liquids that typically cover a frat house.   It’s gross, so shoes that can be gross are an essential.

Converse shoes are great to wear out because they are comfortable, versatile, and can get gross.  Order some by clicking the image.  

4.   Small folding desk mirror

With limited space in a dorm room, it is important to maximize the space that you have to work with.  With that being said, you cannot just have mirrors laying around everywhere.  A folding mirror that you can prop up on a desk is perfect for doing hair and makeup and can be put away easily to open up space on a desk.

5.   A stash of kleenex boxes

I swear I always had some kind of cold or allergies throughout my entire first semester.  The speed that I went through a box of tissues was insane and I didn’t totally realize the need to have whole a stash.  You honestly cannot have too many boxes of kleenex.

6.   Paper towels

Believe it or not, paper towels are hard to come by in college and should definitely not be taken for granted.  It might seem slightly ridiculous, but colleges cannot supply students with possible every need.  I learned quickly to have a roll of paper towels in my dorm for whatever I might need it for (because who wants to clean up a mess with toilet paper?).

7.   A large supply of Emergen-C

As I said before, getting sick in college is inevitable and thus makes Emergen-C your new best friend.  I’m practically reliant on the nasty vitamin powder to keep me moderately healthy especially during important times such as exams.  Taking Emergen-C at least once daily is a great habit for anyone in order to promote immunity and overall health.

8.   A soap container

This one is totally on my lack of thinking prior to me moving into my dorm.  I was dumb enough to not realize that I would need something to hold my bar of soap while taking a shower in the communal bathrooms.  College showers are outright disgusting, so it is best to keep everything together and sanitary.

9.   An air filter

Living in such tight spaces results in a not so great air quality, and dust is likely to easily build up in tiny dorm rooms.  To prevent illness and make my room more comfortable, I bought a small and easy filter.  It really helped my sleep quality and the atmosphere in my room.


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